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sparoma soy candles

Who’d have thought candlelight could be so pure? 

From sparomacomes a range of Australian vegetable candles, handmade using pure soybean oil, essential oils and fragrances.

Unlike beeswax and petroleum-based candles, sparoma soy candles burn longer, cooler and cleaner, without leaving the usual sooty build up. Biodegradable and non-toxic, free of pesticides, herbicides and genetically modified materials, they’re also vegan friendly and conscience-clean because they haven’t been tested on animals.

When you’ve finished with burning, the melted soybean oil can be used on your body for extra moisture or as a massage oil.

And should you spill any, you need only use hot water and soap to clean up. 

Which means you can really relax.


sparoma – five unique scents to choose from to indulge your senses.


romance ROSE

Extracted from the petals of this romantic bloom, Rose is balancing, gentle, stress-relieving and one of the most loved sensory aromas for good reason.


Fresh, herbaceous and deeply calming, Lavender fills a room with clean, floral aroma to soothe away tension, worries and pain.

replenish JASMINE

The exotic and warm aroma of a flower that blooms at night, Jasmine has inspired poets through the ages with its sweet allure and mood enhancing properties.

rejuvenate LEMON MYRTLE

The essence of Australian rainforests, Lemon Myrtle’s enlivening citrus aroma refreshes and uplifts the senses.


Often termed ‘the world’s oldest medicine’ Peppermint is renowned for clearing the head and easing aches and pains with its minty fresh aroma.

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Small Soy Candle

Small Candle in Square Glass
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Small Soy Candle

Medium Soy Candle

Medium Candle in Metro Glass Jar
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Medium Soy Candle

travel tin soy candle

Convenient soy candle in travel tin with lid
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travel tin soy candle

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