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indulge your senses naturally


The sparoma story

Deliciously enriched with natural ingredients for maximum benefit, sparoma products are handmade in Australia using botanical extracts, vitamins, anti-oxidants, cold-pressed oils, nut butters, floral waters and essential oils. Where possible, these ingredients are also certified organic and in all cases, they’re cruelty-free. What you won’t find is any harmful chemicals, irritants, glutens or yucky things. sparoma feels so good because it’s good for you!


sparoma – five unique scents to indulge your senses.

romance ROSE

Extracted from the petals of this romantic bloom, Rose is balancing, gentle, stress-relieving and one of the most loved sensory aromas for good reason.


Fresh, herbaceous and deeply calming, Lavender fills a room with clean, floral aroma to soothe away tension, worries and pain.

replenish JASMINE

The exotic and warm aroma of a flower that blooms at night, Jasmine has inspired poets through the ages with its sweet allure and mood enhancing properties.

rejuvenate LEMON MYRTLE

The essence of Australian rainforests, Lemon Myrtle’s enlivening citrus aroma refreshes and uplifts the senses.


Often termed ‘the world’s oldest medicine’ Peppermint is renowned for clearing the head and easing aches and pains with its minty fresh aroma.


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sparoma soy candles also available.