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How it works

The VIBRO TRAINER works in a similar way to weight and resistance training, stimulating rapid muscle contractions by activating the Nervous System.


The VIBRO TRAINER generates vibrations from the platform to the body, which makes the muscles contract and expand approximately 40 times per second depending on the speed/Hz it is on, therefore it stimulates your blood circulation at a much faster rate than conventional training.

As a result you reach the fatigue point sooner, therefore your body rebuilds and strengthens muscles much more rapidly.

In conventional exercise for example you get one contraction per squat, so it takes a lot more work to reach your desired goal, compared to approximately 40 contractions per second on the VIBRO TRAINER.  The VIBRO TRAINER does the repetition for you, rather than you doing all the work – burning fat, for example, at a much faster rate.



You can freely adjust the speed of the VIBRO TRAINER from grade 5 – 35 for the Commercial model and 5 – 40 for the Deluxe Commercial model, depending on your needs.  There are a variety of positions and programs you can exercise on the VIBRO TRAINER depending on what part of the body you want to work on.


For best results consult a Nutritionist or Naturopath for a healthy eating plan. If you have a medical condition that requires supervision, consult with your physician before doing vibration training.

Whether it is to lose weight, gain weight or increase muscle tone etc, a well balanced eating plan will help you pursue a fitter & healthier life.


There are a variety of exercises for all fitness levels to cater for your Lower Body, Upper Body & Core. The Vibro Trainer also has a BMI program, to view weight loss or weight gain and keep you on track to a healthy body weight.


Use the VIBRO TRAINER at least once a day, for 10 minutes in the Whole Body position.

For Resistance Training use the VIBRO TRAINER Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced Exercise Programs. For fastest results, it is suggested to use the VIBRO TRAINER Program every 2 days. For maintenance, use 2-3 times per week.