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Vibro Trainer Points of Difference


  • Bigger motor:
  • > Variable speed continuous AC Motor for Deluxe Commercial Model (180+kg weight capacity).
  • > 3HP high torque variable speed DC Motor for Commercial Model (150+kg weight capacity).
  • 2 year warranty – 5 year motor warranty (includes parts and labor).
  • Designed in Australia to suit Australian standards, for the Australian consumer.
  • Endorsed by Sue Stanley - 3 times World Champion, Ms World Fitness World Champion & Olympian.
  • Original design – no copies – better quality control.
  • Heavy duty oscillating system for longer life & maximum durability.
  • Arms go to the back for greater range of exercises on the plate.
  • Acupressure plate on base to stimulate blood circulation.
  • Wider range of Speeds/Hz and Programs:
  • spacerlong > Commercial Model 5 - 35 Hz
  • spacerlong> Deluxe Commercial Model 5 - 40 Hz
  • Approx 0.5 - 2mm Amplitude for minimal impact on joints as measured by scientific researchers.
  • Approx 4mm Peak to Peak Displacement as measured by scientific researchers
  • G Force as measured by scientific researchers:
  • spacerlong > Commercial Model g = 0.15 up to g = 7.39
  • spacerlong> Deluxe Commercial Model g = 0.15 up to g = 9.64
  • Tilting platform developed to simulate the natural up/down action during normal walking. Vibration feels more natural and is safer for you.
  • Exercise Chart, Mat and Resistance Bands Beginner DVD, optional Intermediate and Advanced Exercise Program DVDs; targeting the upper, mid and lower parts of the body.
  • Optional Personalized Exercise Programs.
  • Currently the object of a variety of research projects. One is being undertaken by Dr Andrew Williams, funded by the Clifford Craig medical research trust and the University of Tasmania. The results of these studies will have important implications for the healthy aging of our population.
  • Other research projects are undertaken by ACU which are looking at how Vibration Training assists with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (Lung Disease), Type 2 Diabetes, Breast Cancer recovery and more.